Fourth Annual Technology Day Report

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4th Annual Technology Day
Technology Day continues to draw attention and excitement from students, faculty, and staff showcasing technologies used across the NMSU campus. This year’s 4th Annual Technology Day was held in the Otero Room and the first floor lobby of Corbett Center on Thursday September 3, 2009. There were 19 organizations present at this year’s event with a wide range of topics covered, from Security & Copyright to ITunes U, Technology Day ‘TweetUp’ to DACC Digital Imaging & Design.

This year’s event had more than 200 students, and over 50 faculty and staff, an increase over the prior year. This compares to last year’s 117 students, and 40 faculty and staff. The increase in student turn out can be attributed to an increased advertising campaign that included several black and white, and color ads placed in the Roundup as well as on air advertising with KRUX.

The success of the 4th Annual Technology Day was due to the hard work on the part those who signed up to present their technology, and the volunteers who ensured that the event ran smoothly. Additionally logistical support for power was provided by Richard Gottlieb who worked tirelessly to ensure that the event was safe for all involved.

Other contributing factors to the success of Technology Day were the generous donations provided from outside vendors. Donations received included an HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 Color Printer (Sehi Computers), $25 Bookstore Gift Certificate (NMSU Bookstore), 480 bottles of Dasani water (Coca-Cola), 40 gift certificates for a free pastry with purchase of specialty drink (Campus Dinning), 2 free haircuts (Barbie’s Beauty Shop), $15 ITunes Card (Apple), and six one week computer, digital camera, or projector rentals (ICT). These prizes were combined with those purchased from the Technology Day promotional budget to provide hourly prizes during the event.

An additional contributing factor for the success of Technology Day was the three grand prize drawings at 2:00 p.m. In order to be eligible for these drawings students, faculty, and staff had to accumulate five punches on their punch card. The prizes included a 16 GB IPod Touch for students, a Nikon COOLPIX digital camera with four GB memory card for faculty, and a Tom Tom GPS unit for staff.

Notable Tables
While all tables at Technology Day received extensive foot traffic, students, faculty, and staff took notice of two tables in particular, The Technology Day ‘Tweetup’ Table hosted by the Division of Student Success and the Security and Copyright Table hosted by ICT. The Tweetup table showcased the online social website twitter by projecting messages displayed by NMSU students about Technology Day. Also, the twitter table offered six special edition NMSU cowbells to students who went out and took pictures of NMSU campus recourses and posted these pictures on the twitter website. Of course those connected to the social medium via mobile updates or the internet was able to view the scavenger hunt via the automatic update system. The Security and Copyright table informed students about the practical and legal ramifications of illegal music downloading on the NMSU campus and encourage students to seek legal means to obtain music. To sweeten the deal, the Security and Copyright table held a raffle for ten $10 dollar ITunes gift cards.

Suggestions for Improving Technology Day
Communication & Advertising
Advertising for the 4th Annual Technology Day was substantially increased from the prior year, using traditional media outlets as the primary venue. Future Technology Day’s have the opportunity to take advantage of non-traditional media outlets, such as facebook, twitter, youtube ect. These venues are a low cost way to disseminate information to a wide group of people, especially students within the NMSU community.

Overall the 4th Annual Technology was a success and continues to provide information about the ever changing technologies across NMSU.

Ryan Adams
Student Liaison
ICT Strategic Relations