June Newsletter

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It’s back!

After a brief hiatus, the ACANS newsletter is once again making its way to you. Each month, ACANS News will bring you the latest in IT-related news, notifications of events, higher education technology trends, snapshots of student technology, topics of interest related to IT at NMSU, articles featuring ACANS members, and more.


Feature Article: Microsoft Office 365 Student Advantage Program

In previous years, students who needed Microsoft Office would have to buy it or go to an on-campus computer lab to use it. Now, through the updated contract of the new Office 365 Pro Plus by NMSU, students can download the Microsoft Office 365 Student Advantage Program directly to five PC’s, Macs, or mobile devices such as an iPhone, Android or netbook. It is inclusive of all of the Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Lync and Infopath. The MS Office 365 Student Advantage Program is available to active NMSU students, and deactivates from a student’s account once the student graduates or leaves the university.

With NMSU closing down its largest computer lab due to renovations in Jacob’s Hall, the timing of this ongoing implementation couldn’t have been more perfect for not only the students, but for faculty and staff as well. The goal of this application is to save students both time and money, while also eliminating over-crowding in the campus labs. NMSU strongly feels that the MS Office 365 Student Advantage Program is a good outlet for achieving these goals, and hopes to receive positive feedback from its users.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that there is also a program available to faculty and staff in which they are able to access Microsoft Office through their personal devices through the Software Assurance Home Use  Program (HUP). This allows faculty and staff to purchase Microsoft ‘s Office Pro Suite for home-use at a reduced cost of $9.95. All NMSU employees are eligible for program use.

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Nicole Jeffries,

ACANS Newsletter Coordinator