August Newsletter

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Feature story: ACANS Meeting/ICT Picnic

As summer came to an end and we geared up for the start of the fall semester, ACANS members from all over NMSU gathered for the annual ACANS meeting and ICT picnic on Friday, August 15th.

The meeting was held to update NMSU’s technology professionals of critical projects underway at ICT, and to discuss future technology and technology needs of the university. CIO, Norma Grijalva held the meeting and various topics were discussed by ICT employees such as the Risk-Based Information Security Program at NMSU, PCI Policy for Policies, and Software available through NMSU.

Following the ACANS meeting, ICT students, faculty, and staff were all welcome to have some fun in the sun at Preciado Park. As a result of the help of ICT staff volunteers, the picnic was all about comradery, good food, and fun games. Computing professionals and their families and guests joined in on the fun and participated in various games that were conducted such as a water balloon toss, hula-hoop competition, and a rendition of HORSE titled ICT. A big thank you to all who helped out, participated, and attended this fun-filled afternoon. We look forward to another successful picnic for the upcoming year!

Happy Computing!

Nicole Jeffries,

ACANS Newsletter Coordinator


In Other News…

In collaboration with the Center for English Language Programs of New Mexico State University, Student Technology has created both a Guest Student website and brochure to prepare incoming guest and international students for their stay here at NMSU. Both of these resources give guest and international students the information he or she needs to easily navigate technology at NMSU. These resources include helpful tips, “how-to” instructions, lab software and many other additional resources.

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Weekly President’s Report

ICT upgrades Atomic (formerly UC4/Appworx). ICT completed its upgrade of NMSU’s automated job scheduler, UC4/ Appworx. Appworx, which is now known as Automic, currently runs 32,000 jobs a week. Automic automates job scheduling across a number of computer applications and computing platforms such as Banner, while it balances jobs’ submissions from multiple departments to the almost seamless completion of those jobs. Instead of manually running Banner jobs one-at -a-time, Automic automates entire processes like Admissions Letters creation and disbursement; human intervention is not required. If an issue arises, Automic notifies the job owner by email or text. Automic directly benefits approximately 350 administrative staff members who work with Banner. ICT is investigating other areas where Automic can used to increase efficiency and accuracy across the NMSU system.