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ACANS Email Lists

We manage the ACANS email lists to ensure that ACANS-related information is reaching the appropriate members.  There are two lists:

  • ACANS –¬†–¬†Technical information, such as upgrades to NMSU central systems, downtime advisories, and technical emergency notifications.
  • ACANS News –¬†–¬†NMSU IT-related news, events, products of interest, academic technology trends, newsletters, and tips of the month.

If you would like to be added to one, or both of the ACANS mail lists, please send us an email at

Happy Computing!

This summer, NMSU will begin requiring Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for all current single sign-on (SSO) applications. This will include access to the NMSU Portal, Zoom, & 30+ other applications. The beauty of SSO applications is that once you've signed into one, you're signed into all! For more info on enabling 2FA:'s no debate! Even if you're inside all day, you've got to hydrate.