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Wireless NMSU: Helping Students Reach Further

Wireless Internet is a must have for the students, faculty members, and staff who are on the go. As the number of laptop users rapidly increases, the need for accessing the web without cords and away from desks and cubicles does as well. NMSU is continually expanding their wireless coverage to meet this increasing need on our campus.

Each year the Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC), along with student programs like ASNMSU, lists all the areas that students and faculty frequent and need wireless accessibility. Once this list is devised for the year, it is immediately set in motion. During the past academic year, 24 expanded wireless network areas were added around campus; they span from Knox Hall to the Student Health Center. Apart from any departmentally funded wireless expansions that may have been added, the Student Tech Fee paid $40,000 for the 24 expansions that were installed.

In the effort to continue NMSU’s progress of moving technologically forward and meeting wireless needs, ICT is scheduled to install 18 wireless zones for the 2006/2007 academic year, 13 of those installations already being completed. Some of the zones that have just been installed are –

• Business Complex Commons Area

• Gerald Thomas Eating Area

• Gerald Thomas Commons Area

• Chemistry Commons Area

• Science Hall Commons Area

• Activity Center Commons Area

• Zuhl Museum

All 18 zones should be installed by mid-March.

Because the Student Tech Fee was not increased last year,  The budget for the 2006/2007 wireless expansions has been down sized to $30,000 for all the 18 areas being installed. However, if the Student Technology Fee is increased the amount used to expand the wireless areas at NMSU will accrual to $90,000, insuring greater access to the web on the campus network.

As wireless expansions are installed they are also updated on the ICT web site. To see a detailed map of all the wireless areas at NMSU, please visit Wireless Locations. This site will be continually updated as new areas are added, so keep checking!

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