We’re On a Roll; UNO Student Registration Proceeds Without a Hitch

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We’re On a Roll; UNO Student Registration Proceeds Without a Hitch

On Monday, November 13, 2006, Mrinal Virnave, ICT Director, Enterprise Application Services, sent out an email to NMSU IT professionals who had worked on the UNO Student project. The email read, “We are on a roll. We have had 4,164 students register so far …with no major issues.” As of Wednesday, November 15th, 5,694 students had registered, and Virnave reports there are still no major issues to address. That is an amazing feat when you consider that in preparation for this endeavor, 6.6 million grades had to be moved from the old system (Vistas) to the new system (UNO Student). 

UNO Student is one component of the SunGard HE Banner: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that will eventually integrate all university departments and functions onto a single computer system. It will create new methods of web-based self service for university procedures and information. UNO Student was put online October 26, 2006, and was used for the first time November 9, 2006 for the Spring 2007 pre-registration process. Students were required to use the Student and Financial Aid self-service tab, located in the myNMSU homepage, to register for classes.

To help students and faculty through their initial use of UNO Students’ self-service channels, members of the UNO Project Development Team and ICT employees manned Pete’s One-Stop-Shop helpdesks in Corbett Center and the Educational Services Building. Pete’s One-Stop-Shop, a resource component of UNO Student, went online at the same time as UNO Student. It is the customer relations component of UNO Student, and its main purpose is support students in their use of its self-service channels in managing their personal information, student and financial aid information, and if they are an employee, their employee information. 

Cami Davis, Programmer Analyst II with Student Systems Support, explains that although the process is relatively easy to use, it is a new system and the use of any new system causes some distress among its users. For those who felt unsure about the using the system and who needed or wanted help, Davis and other UNO Student Development Team members and ICT employees were there to walk them through the process. Davis explained that to register online, students must access the Student and Financial Aid tab located in myNMSU. Clicking on the tab reveals the Banner Self-Service folder. Clicking on this folder (Banner Self-Service) reveals three subfolders: Personal Information, Student and Financial Aid, and Employee. Each one of these subfolders expands to offer services relevant to its topic.

There are a lot of changes happening within myNMSU. And just as students have a Student tab in the Banner system, faculty now have a Faculty tab in the system. Like students, faculty will be using the system for the first time this semester. According to Davis, they will post grades, look up their classes, email their students, and post their syllabus and office hours. To assist them with this transition, the UNO Project Team offered a number of faculty workshops. Those who have attended the workshop have found it beneficial. “Faculty feedback has been very positive” says Davis.

To date, about 900 faculty members have attended a training workshop. Times, dates, and locations for faculty training are available at http://ictnmsu.edu/~training/registration. To view the specifics of these training workshops, click Faculty Banner Training which is located under Administrative Applications in myNMSU.

Students and faculty can access an online Help Demo site at http://unodocs.nmsu.edu/Luminis/. This site consists of self-service tutorials geared specifically to their needs. This site also offers user documentation for activating myNMSU accounts and content navigation.

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