UNO Student to Make Its Debut October 26, 2006

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UNO Student to Make Its Debut October 26, 2006

Students will note a change to the registration process this Spring. The Unifying NMSU Online (UNO) project will activate the student portion of the system—UNO Student—on October 26th.  Access to UNO Student will be through the myNMSU portal. This portal, which will eventually replace NMSU Online, will give students more options, including online registration and the ability to update their personal information. 

In anticipation of the October 26th go “live” date, the development team for UNO Student will host a mock registration Friday, September 15th from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the main lobby of the Corbett Center. Siiri Rogers, Interim Project Leader and UNO Project Manager for Banner Student, Banner Financial Aid, and Matrix SM, says, “We hope to have as many as 150-200 students test the system. If there are any scenarios we haven ’t thought of, maybe this test will bring them to light. That way, when we go “live,” we won ’t have any surprises.”

Once UNO Student has been implemented, students will access all available self-service tools through the myNMSU portal. The myNMSU portal is part of the overall UNO Project, and it made its debut when Human Resources went “live” in January 2005. The myNMSU portal will eventually become the sole entry point for students, faculty, and staff who wish to conduct business within the NMSU community.

UNO Student is one component of the SunGard HE Banner: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that will eventually integrate all university departments and functions onto a single computer system. It will create new methods of web-based self service for university procedures and information. Working with representatives from the Registrars Office, Accounts Receivable and Financial Aid, and ICT, Rogers believes UNO Student will offer students a one stop shop for student information and services. 

Jeannine Reyes, a Programmer Analyst II, on the Banner Student Project Management Team, explains that once UNO Student is put online, students will have a Personal Information and a Student and Financial Aid tab, and that they will be able to manage their personal and academic information.

The Personal Information tab will allow students to update and manage their personal information. The Student and Financial Aid tab will allow students to check their registration status, view holds on their account, check their academic standing, including how many credit hours they have earned, what major they have declared, what college they are assigned to, what campus they are assigned to, and what degree they are pursuing. They can print an unofficial transcript, view account summaries, and check class schedules and final grades. Additionally, students will be able to look up classes using a multiple options search.

And to help keep them on track, students can go to the self-service side of UNO Student where they can view Week at a Glance. Week at a Glance is a folder located under the Student and Financial Aid tab. Their personalized calendar will be populated with their class schedule, and it will include details of their classes (time, date, location, and instructor). Students will gain functionality and control over their personal, academic, and work related histories once these self-service tabs are implemented notes Rogers. 

UNO Student, explains Adam Cavotta, Instructional Technology Consultant for ICT Training Services, will replace a lot of independent systems that were used to provide several different types of services. He states, “It will unify all the various applications that were created to service students under one umbrella.” In preparation for the upcoming migration, Cavotta solicited input from the UNO Student Ambassadors on a technical assistance site, Student Technology Help, that includes instructions on how to use the new system.  

Since some of NMSU’s community of users are familiar with the account properties of the myNMSU portal, this leads Cavotta to believe the migration to UNO Student should be a relatively smooth process. For those unfamiliar with the account properties of the myNMSU portal, they may access Student Technology Help at for assistance. 

For questions regarding the implementation of UNO Student, you may contact or at 646-PETE.

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