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Serving many of the varying computer needs on our main campus is the ICT Help Desk. Though sometimes camera and recorder shy, these technologically savvy students serve many of the technological needs of our student, staff, and faculty populations. Their small office, that is found tucked in the corner of the Computer Center houses eight students and two staff who are always ready and willing to serve NMSU’s student body.

As Ron Flores, Help Desk Computer Specialist, explains, the ICT Help Desk is focused on supporting the student body’s computing needs, “We deal with all the student needs. We reset passwords for the myNMSU portal, help student get their pin numbers when registering, support the whole NMSU student network – which includes the student halls, Student Family Housing, VDM, and Cervantes – and any where students on campus use a network connection.”

Over the years the ICT Help Desk has continued to look for innovative ways to meet students needs. One of the more recent additions to their annual calendar is the mobile Help Desks that are set up at the beginning of each semester at Educational Services and Garcia Hall. The mobile Help Desks offer the same services that can be found at their main location, while making it easier for students to access that assistance at locations that are convenient to reach. Flores says that “the mobile Help Desk is one aspect of our services that we are particularly proud of, because now, instead of sitting back and listening to the rumbling in the hills at the beginning of each semester, we have gone out and met the students needs right where they are at. ”

The ICT Help Desk office inside the Computer Center.The ICT Help Desk office inside the Computer Center.

Students can also receive assistance from the Help Desk via “help mail” (email) and voice mail. In the past, the majority of students served were walk-ins, having to trek across campus and wait for help. But since times have changed, and all students have access to the internet, majority of students are helped over the phone and via “help mail.” Savannah, a Help Desk Student Technician, says that “most of our time is spent on the phone assisting students, or on the computer responding to questions and concerns.” If they are ot able to verify and assist you over the phone, and you do not want to make the visit the Help Desk to show them a picture ID, you can always fax over a copy of your ID and get the help you need.

Beyond resetting passwords and setting up pin numbers, the Help Desk serves in many other ways. While “ policing” the network and overseeing all the campus list-serves, the Help Desk also offers students the   PC maintenance program – a free program that cleans and secures students PCs, as well as installing anti-virus software. And if this is not enough, they also make on campus house-calls to ensure that the students problem are fixed to the best of their abilities.

The Help Desk’s continuing efforts to serve the students and meet their technological needs is what makes them an important part of our ACANS community.

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