Student Technology Help Provides Students with Relevant Websites

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Student Technology Help Provides Students with Relevant Websites

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) introduced a new website earlier this month. The stie, Student Technology Help was showcased at Technology Day on September 6, 2006, and received positive comments from those who visited the site.

Sharon Lalla, Instructional Technology Manager, ICT Training Services, saw the need for a site that pointed NMSU students to available resources about how to use technology. And that is exactly what Student Technology Help does. “Its aim,” says Adam Cavotta, Instructional Technology Consultant, ICT Training Services, “is to provide students with a central location to access resources relevant to them. For example,” he explains, “if someone was looking for instructional technology for the Business College, our page would point them to the appropriate site. We are not consolidating other sites into our site,” he explains, “we are pointing out to other sites. We are providing a gateway to access information that already exists. ”

Image of ...Adam Cavotta and Le Ann Gottlieb, both with ICT Training Services, review the newly launched site Student Technology Help.

By pointing users to external sites, members of ICT Training Services are not responsible for writing, maintaining, or updating instructional technology material for colleges and departments. “Instead,” says Cavotta, “our biggest challenge is to make sure our links continue to work, that they point to the correct resources, and that we keep up with students’ needs.”

ICT Training Services staff encourages your feedback on the site. You may submit your comments by taking the online survey at the Student Technology Help homepage.

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