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PHIL ‘er Up!!

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is pleased to announce the successful testing and implementation of the new print management system, Pharos UniPrint. The system will affect printing in some public areas such as ICT computer labs, information commons, and computer classrooms. It has been used in the Library for years.  The goal is to cut down on paper and toner waste, thereby bringing a level of accountability into printing services. The savings from the program will be used to purchase and upgrade printers and other technology that will enhance the student experience at NMSU.

Over the past year, extraordinary numbers of pages were printed in the computer labs. Much of the material was deemed unnecessary and disposed of by the person who printed it. Many computer lab print jobs were simply left unclaimed. Studies have shown that print management programs reduce “ unwanted” print jobs by 20% immediately. The print management system will help alleviate waste and save resources.

The Pharos software interfaces with the NMSU ID Card Blackboard Transaction system. For all students, faculty, and staff, printing will be allowed in one of two ways. The first method is by a swipe of the users NMSU ID Card. The second method will be through a password entry system. In either case, the Pharos software will send the users information to a host server where printing balance information is stored. If there is a sufficient balance in the user’s account, the print job will be released to the printer. If there is not a sufficient balance, Pharos will display an insufficient funds message.

Students will receive an allocation based on enrollment status each semester. Full-time students will receive $20.00 and part-time students will receive $10.00. The student technology fee will help subsidize the cost each semester. The price for printing a single-sided page (one side of a sheet of paper) is $.10 for black and white and $.50 for color.  The $20.00/$10.00 allocations equal 200/100 B&W single-sided pages per term. Please note if one prints a combination of both single-sided and color pages the number of pages per term will be different.  The $20.00/$10.00 allocations (200/100 prints) for students were established after a survey of NMSU peer institutions and a vote by the NMSU Student Technology Advisory Committee. The balances are comparable to many of the other institutions surveyed.

PHIL is located inside the Corbett Center computer lab.PHIL is located inside the Corbett Center computer lab.

The printing balance fund can only be used for printing, and all unused printing balances will not be rolled over from one semester to the next. All balances will be reset to zero at the end of each semester.  A new PHIL machine that allows users to add money to NMSU ID Cards will be available at Pete’s Place in Corbett Center. However, any funds added to the NMSU ID Card by the student can be used anywhere the card is accepted on campus student health center, laundry, vending machines, the bookstore, and food service–for a complete list visit ID Services) .  Students, faculty, and staff must go to the ID card services and fill out an application for the “ money” part of the card (not the printing part).  Once their card is activated, money can be added in cash increments of $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00.  For credit card additions there is a minimum deposit of $25.00 regardless of using the ID Card Services of PHIL.  The “money” placed on the card will roll over from semester to semester.

The program will be co-managed by ICT and other university departments and it is an example of the collaborative use of cutting edge technology to increase services while reducing costs.  For questions or additional information about the program please call Teresa D. Burgin, ICT Director of Instructional Support Services, at 646-2696 or email,

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