NMSU to Replace Existing Voice Mail System

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NMSU to Replace Existing Voice Mail System

Recently, Octel Communications bought the company that manufactures the voice mail system used by the NMSU community.  Octel plans to phase out the voice mail system (VMX 300) that has been a part of NMSU’s communication landscape since 1992, and NMSU personnel will be replacing the system this summer.

According to Ray Cadena, Manager/Computer Information Systems, ICT Voice & Alarm Systems, the VXM 300 has served the university community well.  “This system has been very reliable, and in all honesty,” he states, “if the system weren’t being phased out, we wouldn’t be replacing it.  Bottom line,” says Cadena, “is that if used correctly, voice mail systems can be a very useful tool.”

Octel plans to phase out the VMX 300 voice mail system as it known today means “they are no longer going to manufacture parts for it, and those parts that are manufactured will be very costly.  The cost to maintain the VMX 300 voice mail system will become increasing costly” states Cadena.

For these reasons, NMSU has made the decision to replace the system.  To gage the needs of the university community in regard to their voice mail preferences, Cadena says a survey has been sent out.  Results of that survey are beginning to come in, but based on past history, Cadena believes NMSU’s voice mail users will opt to replicate existing services.  “I’m looking forward to seeing which way we’ll go,” he says. 

Today’s messaging systems are designed to do much more than answer phones.  A knowledgeable user of a messaging system can forward, reply, or return messages in their mailbox.  Mailbox messages can also be retrieved from remote locations via cell phones, fax, and email.  And many voice mail systems offer single-digit menus. 

New Mexico State University offers voice mail service to students, faculty, and staff.  It is an optional service that cost $2 a month.  Last year, Housing assigned a voice mail extension to every dorm.  “Because we charge for the service,” states Cadena, “it maintains itself.”  That income will be the primary source for replacing the existing system. 

Once survey responses have been reviewed, a RFP (request for proposal) will be send to various vendors; and if everything falls into place, states Cadena, a new voice mail system could be in place this summer. 

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