New Technologies Showcased at 3rd Annual Technology Day

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New Technologies Showcased at 3rd Annual Technology Day

ICT, ACANS and various other NMSU groups hosted the 3rd Annual Technology Day. The day-long event was held in the Corbett Center on Thursday, September 11, 2008. Technology Day aims to showcase current and new technologies that can be used in classrooms on NMSU’s campuses. With 22 hands-on and informational tables, there was something for everyone.

Now in its third year, Technology Day has only grown in popularity since its inception. Last year, the groups hosted informational and hands-on tables that showcased technologies ranging from wireless zones to WebCT to clickers to library services. This year, they hosted hands-on and informational and tables that showcased Second Life, iTunes U, Podcasting and Security & Copyright.

By far, the most visited tables were those that showcased new technologies, such as Second Life, iTunes U and Podcasting. Second Life is a virtual world that allows its “residents” to interact in a globally networked world. As a platform for education, NMSU’s virtual world, Aggie Island, offers its residents options to traditional distance learning. iTunes U is a web-based service that delivers instructional content via the iTunes program. Podcasting allows its users to create informational files that can be accessed through iTunes. As visitors filtered in and out of the venue, most gravitated to these interactive technologies.

Some visitors were even lucky enough to win one of the many door prizes. Every half hour throughout the event, organizers held drawings. To qualify, students, faculty and staff needed to submit a registration ticket indicating they had visited five hands-on or information table.

A grand prize was given at the end of the day to each category of visitor. The grand prize for a student was a Nintendo Wii, for a faculty it was an 8.2 megapixel digital camera and for a staff member it was an iPod shuffle.

Most participants of Technology Day stated the event was a success and plans are underway for a new way to promote the event and ensure its continued success.

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