New Mexico High Speed Networking Project – Way Cool!

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New Mexico High Speed Networking Project – Way Cool!

Norma Grijalva, NMSU, and Gary Bauerschmidt, UNM, were co-presenters at the 24th Annual CHECS conference held October 12-14th in Albuquerque.

Their presentation, New Mexico High Speed Networking Projects , outlined the various CHECS-Net projects underway.   Among those projects are the CHECS-Net Eastern New Mexico Infrastructure Upgrade Project, which proposes to provide high speed connectivity to eastern New Mexico, and the CHECS-Net Infrastructure Upgrade Project in the Albuquerque Metro Area, which proposes to provide connectivity throughout the Albuquerque metro area by connecting key educational sites to the CHECS-Net network and expanding the General Service Division (GSD) network to key sites within the state.

Grijalva said, “We want to think to the future.   We want to think broader.   We want to think about the single mom (in rural eastern New Mexico).   We want to network the whole state.   Our goal is to develop the infrastructure to make that possible, and that is Way Cool !”

Bauerschmidt listed the specific projects currently underway.   They include Albuquerque Metro Area Fiber Project, National LambdaRail (NLR), New Mexico GigaPop, Rio Grande Corridor Fiber Project, Eastern New Mexico Fiber Project, and he stated, “A really cool project, the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).”

“In the Albuquerque area,” explained Bauerschmidt, “we have a collaborative project between CHECS-Net and General Service Division (GSD).   General Service Division has the ability to acquire a dark fiber, but it does not the funds for the purchase the opto-electronic equipment to provision the fiber.”   As part of the Albuquerque Area Fiber Project, CHECS-Net proposes to light the fiber ring and build laterals to locations within the Albuquerque area.   Those areas include educational sites, national labs, cultural sites, and state and city government agencies.

Norma Grijalva, Director of Telecommunications and Networking Services, ICT at NMSU, talks to John AshcraftNorma Grijalva, Director of Telecommunications and Networking Services, ICT at NMSU, talks to John Ashcraft, with Region IX Education Cooperation, at the 24th Annual New Mexico CHECS Fall Conference in Albuquerque, October 12- 14th. Grijalva and Gary Bauerschmidt, UNM, were co-presenters at the conference. This workshop, entitled, New Mexico High Speed Networking Projects, outlined various projects underway in the state.

This collaborative partnership, along with others, will interconnect with peering institutions to keep traffic originating in New Mexico, in New Mexico.   “Basically the configuration we came up with,” said Grijalva, “is that we dedicated a gigabit to LANL, and we dedicated the remainder to CHECS-Net.   The bottom line is we increased our bandwidth by 10, and we did it with no additional cost.   We also developed another partner.   This is an example of what collaborative networking can do for us.   That’s why we want to do it.”

New Mexico is a geographically diverse state, and because its populace is spread out, it is difficult to provide connectivity to many of its residences. “The eastern part of the state is really bandwidth poor,” said Grijalva. “It is really expensive to connect from there to the rest of the state, nation, or anywhere. We thought it was really important to target the eastern part of the state, and this is another proposal we (CHECS-Net) have submitted to GSD.”

CHECS-Net is a collaborative, self-funded educational intranet network for the State of New Mexico.   CHECS-Net share resources and provides commodity Internet and high speed research network (Internet2 or National LambdaRail) connectivity to its members at a competitive rate.   The current projects would make the resources part of the self-sustaining CHECS-Net network, reducing costs, and increasing bandwidth.

And that, said both Grijalva and Bauerschmidt, is “Way Cool!”

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