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This months “Spotlight” is focused on Mrinal Virnave, Senior Technical Director of Enterprise Application Services for the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) department. Virnave recently headed-up the UNO upgrade that took place on the NMSU servers. Beyond this, Virnave works to “make sure we translate solution to a program and code” when a problem or need arises.

Virnave has worked at ICT for the past two years, having moved to Las Cruces from Chicago in January of 2004. Virnave says that “In Chicago I worked as a web-developer. I was basically in the ‘web-group’. ” However, Virnave’s home is located much farther away in Ranchi, India, “I am from Ranchi, India, which is pretty close to Nepal.

Mrinal VirnaveMrinal Virnave

It looks exactly like Las Cruces, which is why I moved here.” In India, Virnave earned a Bachelors of Architecture. He made the move to Chicago in order to attend the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), where he earned his Masters degree in Human Centered Communication Design and a Masters certification in e-Business.

Here at NMSU, Virnave manages the administrative software group, making sure that campus wide needs for administrative software are met. His responsibilities include Banner, myNMSU, Phonebook, and many of the other resources accessed daily through NMSU on the web.

Computer Generated Art, entitled Open Structure Cube, by Virnave.Computer Generated Art, entitled Open Structure Cube, by Virnave.

Virnave explains that “Overall, what we’re doing is managing software changes, but also managing culture changes…which is difficult.” The culture changes Virnave speaks of are the change of focus from product to the products function, “I make sure that we translate a solution to a program and code. Right now we’re looking at the way use of applications have changed. It used to be a product. Now, it is not a product it’s a function. That’s making the culture change…I am one of many people that makes sure that needs get transferred into solutions.”

Because of these culture changes, Virnave is working with, what he explains to be the new title of his group ’s work, glue-ware. Glue-ware are the applications that are used to work toward the interconnective glue of all campus systems, “Our jobs are no longer software, it is called glue-ware. Basically, we have all these systems which use to live in a vacuum. Now they are interconnected. The interconnection is what we are trying to build on.”

Computer Generated Art by VirnaveComputer Generated Art by Virnave

Outside of the office Virnave mentors the Las Cruces Robotics Team. The robotics team recently won the best animation award at the “First” competition in Phoenix and won the “Best” competition in Las Cruces. Virnave is also an artist, creating computer generated work that is published over the web. Some of his work can be viewed on his deviantart account.

As a 2004 CHECS Award winner for Best Presentation, Virnave continues to contribute to NMSU, ICT, and the Last Cruces community by making himself an indispensable part of ACANS and the technological community at large.

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