iPod Bribery – Technology Day Reviewed

NMSU’s first Technology Day went off with few hitches, the buzzing in the Otero room causing quite a stir on the first floor of Corbett Center. The day long event was declared a success by the Tech Day coordinator, Le Ann Gottlieb, the Student Training Consultant for ICT’s Training Services. The day was jam packed with several types of technology, visitors were able to view and take guided tours through the information with the help of numerous NMSU and DABCC faculty, staff, and students.

The tables, technologies, and information available during Technology Day included Centra, WebCT, the Uno Project, the Computer Pool/Rental Program, ePortfolio, Web Services, Video Services, Strategic Relations, The Book Store, and the ICT Help Desk. Gottlieb says that “Initially, there were only going to be nine tables at the event and we ended up having 18. This increased amount of support shows how important the faculty and staff felt this event was, inspiring hope of continued and growing support.” Gottlieb also explained that the goal for this pilot event was to have at least 200 participants and attendees, which was surpassed by having 280 visitors through out the day.

Left, Richard de Rouen, and Robbie Grant, ICT Tech Day.Left, Richard de Rouen, and Robbie Grant, ICT Tech Day.

However, no matter who was questioned, the majority of the visitors found strolling through the busy room were primarily attracted to one thing… iPods. Unabashedly, faculty and students admitted what first attracted them to Tech Day was the infamous Apple iPod drawings, “I want an iPod”, Tom Winfree, a Criminal Justice faculty member, stated. “Honestly, I came for the iPod,” Erika Estrada, a sophomore in the Agriculture College, admitted. However, some visitors like Estrada’s companion, fellow student Alexis Banegas, were a little more hesitant to admit what pulled them in, “Winning an iPod brought me here…I am so ashamed. ” Upon entering the Otero room, both of these students, along with many other hopeful visitors, were pleasantly surprised to find that much more than the iPod caught their interest. Both Estrada and Banegas were happy to find more than one use for the iPod, “Downloading lecture and podcasts would be really useful” Banegas said. Both students interests were also sparked by the Centra presentation, “Being able to instant message someone while also seeing them through webcam, in real time, is pretty awesome,” Banegas exclaimed.

Students were not the only ones who found the varying types of technologies available on our campus interesting and exciting.  Ann Noonchester, The Adult Basic Education Records Technician at DABCC, was excited to briefly learn the many uses of the ePortfolio. “It would be fun to learn to navigate and put your information on there, while also being a good place to organize your personal information for your kids, friends, and family… it is not just for business use.”

Left-to-right: Brock Burton, Tyler Leyba, and Joe Chavez discuss the 60GB video iPod.Left-to-right: Brock Burton, Tyler Leyba, and Joe Chavez discuss the 60GB video iPod.

Scott Peterson, a statistics professor in the Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Department, thought the event was a good way to help prepare his senior level students for graduation and brought his entire class to Technology Day. Peterson says that he brought his class “Because these students are going through assessment in physical education and kinesiology and I really think that technology has its place in assessment. If they knew all the tools that are available to them here at NMSU, it will help them have an easier transition to the workplace.” Before leaving the event, Peterson elaborated on what many of his students found most interesting and helpful during their visit to Tech Day. “Many of the students gravitated to the fact that they can rent laptops here on campus. A lot of them didn’t know that, and were happy to learn of all the wireless zones on campus” stated Peterson.

This semi-annual event will have organizers and participants hard at work in the near future. Plans for Technology Day II will start soon, with some changes to follow. “One of the main changes for the next Tech Day will be finding a larger space to hold the event”, explains Le Ann Gottlieb, “We also hope to bring in more departments from outside of ICT and provide each department with their own table” to make the NMSU community aware of the wide selection of technological resources that can be accessed.

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