Helping NMSU Learn without Limits: Lalla and Grant Earn Senior WebCT Certification

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Helping NMSU Learn without Limits: Lalla and Grant Earn Senior WebCT Certification

Sharon LallaSharon Lalla

Two of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Training Services department staff recently became WebCT Certified Senior Trainers.  Sharon Lalla and Robbie Grant completed a highly intensive, month long certification training that began via the web and then concluded at NMSU.  This official certification means that both Lalla and Grant have displayed excellence in the understanding of WebCT and are validated as capable of developing training material for, and the training of, WebCT and its many tools.

Nationally, there are 300 WebCT trainers; however, there are approximately only 100 senior trainers, making this a very prestigious certification and recognition for ICT and establishing NMSU alike.

NMSU has been one of the leaders in WebCT training and support since 1997, having four of the first certified trainers nationwide, so there is a history at NMSU of leadership within the WebCT community.  This new certification is then a continuation of NMSU’s leadership in WebCT training for the state and the educational community.  These certifications will help improve the already existing trainings, and help prepare NMSU for upgrades to WebCT starting later this year.

Robbie GrantRobbie Grant

Lalla explains that since Training Services produces a large amount of training materials, this senior certification “gives us the training and the insight to improve our training classes… The certification process gave us an opportunity to stop and think about our training and our training skills, which is always good.   All in all, it was very helpful.”

Grant expresses his optimism in being able to already see improvement in the WebCT trainings done on campus since the completion of the certification training.  He said, “I have done two trainings since I have been certified, and just learning what I learned through the certification process – being able to give examples when your going through the training of how to use the tools, the pedagogy behind the tool, what they are good to use for – has improved the training” that NMSU is able to offer the faculty.

Now, Lalla and Grant are able to relay the vast uses of each WebCT tool to the faculty in order to meet their individual teaching needs. Before, they were only able to show them how to use the tool, without giving specific reasoning behind it.

ICT Training Services hopes that in the near future they will be able to go to each department on campus and say “look, this is what we have to offer.  What do you guys need? What else can we offer you?” Grant explains.

Before going through the training, Grant says his specialization was on the technical side of WebCT, “how to add the tools, how to use them.”  But now, through the intensive training, Grant is also capable of writing training curriculum, making him more at home on, and aware of, the pedagogy side of WebCT.  “ The certification process, overall, was very challenging for me.  I definitely learned a lot.  It was very, very enjoyable.  I like being up in front of people, I like talking to people, and I like helping people, so learning what I did will definitely help me with that.  It was definitely well worth it. ”  Lalla also feels that she learned a lot, but is also very excited about how the training helped to connect ICT Training Services to their many WebCT peers, “for me personally that was very helpful, making those connections with the different groups and colleges.”  Lalla also adds that hosting the certification training “gave us the opportunity to meet our colleagues at the various colleges, outside of NMSU.”

Lalla and Grant’s certification, along with the efforts put fourth by ICT, will empower NMSU and other state higher education institutions to have more web enhanced courses.

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