Guerra and Fraga Receive Second Asprey Award

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Guerra and Fraga Receive Second Asprey Award

Michelle Guerra and David Fraga were awarded the Asprey Award at a ceremony that doubled as a tribute to Bob Asprey.  Members of the Asprey family including Bob’s mother, wife, and son (Marge, Jo, and Clint, respectively) were in attendance.  The event was sponsored by the NMSU Foundation, and was held at the Stan Fulton Athletic Center on Wednesday, April 12th. 

Bob Asprey, who passed Jan. 17, 2006, had been a long time friend and former employee of ICT.  He endowed the Asprey Award as a way to recognize outstanding ICT employees.  Those who receive the award, said Michael Hites, CEO, have demonstrated a dedication to their job that far exceeds the job’s requirement. 

Guerra and Fraga received the Asprey Award for their work in upgrading the Pinnacle system.  The Pinnacle System is a communication management billing suite used by ICT to bill the university community for services rendered.  “We process all our bills using Pinnacle,” says Guerra. 

The upgrade was a huge task, and Pinnacle consultants made a site visit to help ICT personnel with the upgrade.   “We pushed and pushed and pushed until the job was done,” states Guerra.  “The consultant told us we had completed the upgrade in half the time it takes most comparable universities. ” 

It is that dedication to the project that was recognized.  Guerra, as a coordinator of Business Operations & Financial Services, tested and retested the system.  Fraga, as a network engineer, upgraded the software.  “He’s (Fraga) our technical wizard,” stated Hites.  “He does just about anything you could ever want within the networking realm.  Because of people like Fraga,” said Hites, “we have one of the best networks in the State of New Mexico and the southwest.”

Guerra and Fraga complemented one another.  While Fraga kept the system running, Guerra used the system to assure that billing was done accurately and timely.  “Any problem that crosses her desk,” said Hites, “is resolved there.  I am very appreciative for all her hard work.” 

Norma Grijalva, director of Telecommunications and Networking Services, noted that Guerra works until 6:00 or 6:30 p.m. almost every night.   Grijalva told those in attendance, “You can’t imagine how hard Michelle worked to make sure Pinnacle’s implementation was a smooth transition.  And David,” she said, “is always on the job and always happy to be on the job.  As you all know, every Sunday the database is backed up.  Every Sunday, I get a page, but I know that whatever the concern, David is at work and doing his job.  I just want to say, Thank you David.”

Anthony Para, director of Business Operations and Financial Services, reiterated Grijalva’s praise and said, “David and Michelle’s dedication makes my life easier.  Implementing Pinnacle has been a long and laborious task, but this year I stepped back and let these guys assume more responsibility.  They have done a wonderful job.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been when they have walked into my office and said, ‘We had a problem, but we took care of it.’  They have perfect collaboration and work together beautifully.”

Guerra and Fraga are both two-time recipients of the Asprey Award.  Fraga received his first Asprey Award in 1999, and Guerra received her first Asprey Award in 2001.

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