Gearing Up for Technology Day – September 6, 2006

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Gearing Up for Technology Day – September 6, 2006

Technology Day will be jam packed with exhibits.Technology Day will be jam packed with exhibits.

Here at New Mexico State University, technology impacts everyone on a daily basis.  From e-mail to WebCT, cell phones to iPods, it’s impossible to escape the reach of high tech tools.  Technology is also playing a much larger role in our education: computer and technology literacy are required to succeed in today ’s colleges and universities, courses may be conducted partly or entirely in a virtual environment, podcasts make the classroom mobile, and tools such as “clickers” allow students greater interactivity in the classroom.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were an event that demonstrated all the emerging and existing technology on campus?  Well, look no further than the first annual Technology Day, which will be held on the first floor of the Corbett Center in the Otero Room on Wednesday, September 6, 2006, from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm.   “Technology Day,” comments Sharon Lalla, Manager of ICT Training Services, “resulted from the need to expose the various technologies to the NMSU community.”  Sharon says that a pilot was conducted last spring to determine the demand for this type of exposition.  As a result of the pilot, it was determined that Technology Day was an event ready for prime time.

This year’s Technology Day will focus on helping the NMSU community take advantage of all of the technology the university has to offer.  More than twenty exhibits will showcase technologies and services like WebCT, ICT Help Desk, WebCams, Student Technology Services, Centra, myNMSU, and Clickers, as well as newer technologies such as ePortfolio and the UNO system.  Most of the interactive exhibits will be included in the Tech Zone, where students, faculty, and staff can get some – you guessed it – hands-on interaction with technology.  There will also be informational exhibits, technology demonstrations, and student volunteers who will be available to assist visitors and answer questions.  ICT Training Services is organizing the event.   LeAnn Gottlieb, ICT Training Services Student Training Consultant, coordinated and helped plan Technology day.

New features of myNMSU will be previewed at Technology Day.New features of myNMSU will be previewed at Technology Day.

“We’re not selling a product or service,” she says, “we’re just giving out information.”  The goal of Technology Day, Gottlieb says, is to expose the NMSU community to the technology that is available on campus and to show them how this technology can make things easier, more productive, and fun.  This year’s event will also be used to highlight the UNO and Banner systems, as well as new student services such as course registration that will be included in myNMSU.  These new services will impact the entire NMSU community, says Gottlieb, and Technology Day is a perfect way to expose people to them.

LeAnn Gottlieb coordinated Technology Day.LeAnn Gottlieb coordinated Technology Day.

Technology Day will include raffles, door prizes, and competitions that will be open to all students, faculty, and staff.  As if all the technology demonstrations and hands-on exhibits weren’t enough, visitors will also have a chance to win fantastic prizes such as flash drives, web cameras, and iPod Nanos.  This year ’s Technology Day will have a lot to offer, so mark your calendars.  The event is one day only and will be held on the first floor of the Corbett Center in the Otero Room on Wednesday, September 6, 2006, from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm.  For more information, contact LeAnn Gottlieb at 646-5463 or via e-mail at

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