Completing the White Tower Connection, Student News Makes Its Debut

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Completing the White Tower Connection, Student News Makes Its Debut

Student News will make its debut Monday, March 13th.  The weekly email, modeled after employee Hotline, will be sent to all NMSU students via their email account, and will contain student-related news and events. 

The online publication is in response to students, colleges, and departments ’ expressed desire for a centralized location to disseminate student news and events.  Kristin Cordova, ICT Student Relations Coordinator, said Information and Communication Technologies has been inundated with requests for just such an outlet.  Working with Jenna Frosch, Director of Media Relations for Associated Students of NMSU (ASNMSU), Cordova solicited input from students, colleges, and departments on how to best meet their needs.  During the initial discussions, said Cordova, “we talked about this concept (Hotline format).  Everyone seemed very excited about it,” she said. 

Cordova sees Student News as a natural progression of the NMSU Events Calendar which was put online Fall 2005.  The calendar, which can be accessed from the homepage, allows participating student organizations, colleges, and departments to list their events on one calendar.  Participating organizations maintain their own calendar accounts.  The Honors College, Placement and Career Services, Study Aboard, and Engineering are among those who currently utilize the calendar.  The NMSU Events Calendar will be promoted in the weekly Student News emails. 

Student News will differ from the NMSU Events Calendar in format and distribution.  As noted, it will resemble Hotline, but unlike Hotline which is emailed daily, Student News will be emailed once a week.  Additionally, whereas Hotline is maintained throughout the year, Student News will be limited to the academic year.  And whereas student organizations, colleges, and departments maintain their NMSU Events Calendar accounts, Student News will be maintained and edited by Frosch. 

To submit items for publication, student organizations, colleges, and departments may contact Student News via email at   Cordova notes that submissions should include a title of the news or event in the subject line of the email, a detailed description of the news or event in the body of the email, and a contact name and phone number.

For more information on how to submit items to the NMSU Events Calendar, contact Cordova via email at 

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