Banner Student Another Milestone Step in UNO Project

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Banner Student Another Milestone Step in UNO Project

The MyNMSU portal now contains tools for all students' needs.The MyNMSU portal now contains tools for all students’ needs.

With the implementation of Banner Student, NMSU has completed another major step in the Unifying NMSU Online (UNO)project.  The UNO project utilizes SunGard’s Banner software suite, a fully integrated and comprehensive group of programs that can handle all of the University’s needs: student information, finance and accounting, financial aid, human resources, and payroll.

The UNO project, which began in 2003, is bringing together all of the University’s administrative and academic data into one comprehensive, integrated, and upgradeable system.  Prior to the UNO project, the University used a variety of different programs that were disconnected and not always compatible, making it difficult and time consuming to access different types of data, or to perform tasks in different programs.

Some of the SunGard software used in the UNO project is also helping to give NMSU websites a new look, and has been a valuable tool for NMSU’s recent branding initiative.  The Luminis Content Management System allows users to easily create web content that adheres to NMSU’s standard processes, policies, and design.

The Banner Student program brings the University a step closer to their vision of a unified digital campus.  Says ICT’s Chief Information Officer Dr. Michael Hites, “Our vision for our digital campus is an integrated, single sign-on environment where users can access all the services for which they are eligible.”

ICT Software Engineer Brian Hasslinger helps Mihyun Hong during a test of Banner Student.ICT Software Engineer Brian Hasslinger helps Mihyun Hong during a test of Banner Student.

The UNO project is having a great impact with NMSU students, who are now able to access many services like registration, grades, and financial aid through the same site.  Before Banner Student, many of these services were spread out among different NMSU sites; now students have a one-stop-shop for all their administrative service needs.

Banner Student was implemented in October of 2006, after several test runs with actual students.  The addition was just in time for registration for the spring semester of 2007, and so far several thousand students have registered without any major glitches.  If all goes according to plan, the UNO Project will be completed in three to five years, providing a unified platform for all University operations.

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