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ITAL – Institute for Technology Assisted Learning – began in 1997.
The vision was a two-week event that would present a cohesive suite of skills that included learning new computer technologies. ITAL is sponsored by ICT Training Services, the College of Extended Learning, Media Services, Library Services, and the Teaching Academy all which presents various technologies such as WebCT and MS Front Page for web page design; expertise is drawn from the pedagogy of distance learning.
Guidance in the new role of computers in academic research; and coaching in the delivery of courses over satellite transmissions as well as additional help in developing effective distance learning skills can be found. Since 1997, 203 of NMSU faculty have been trained in ITAL. We are all proud of the institute and hope to continue making NMSU history.

Congratulations to the graduated ITAL participants!

June 10 – 26th Session Tad Conner, Government Michael Leach, Natural Sciences Miguel Licona, Curriculum & Instruction Diane Prinderville, Government Anita Reinhardt, Nursing Hiranya Roychowdhury, Health & Public Services David Smith, Chemistry & Biochemistry Theresa Valko, NMSU Library Olga Viramontes, Arts & Humanities Russ Winn, Government

July 8th – 24th Session Eva Aguilar, Nursing Arash Azadegan, Management Marlene Chavez-Toivanen, Mathematics Spencer Herrera, Language & Linguistics Shirley Judson, Women’s Studies David Keys, Criminal Justice Gail Lavender, English Iris Mullins, Nursing Rebecca Verser, Communications Studies Kassia Wosick-Correa, Sociology & Anthropology

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