7th annual tech day

This year marked the 7th Annual ICT Technology Day event. Similar to previous years, our goal was to motivate NMSU students, faculty, and staff to stop by and get a glimpse of current as well as new emerging technologies. Near the entrance, on the first floor of the Corbett Center Student Union was where Technology Day was hosted.

Unlike preceding years, tables were set up strictly in the hallways of Corbett instead of the Otero room. This provided a chance for those hosting a table to present in the Otero room. Sessions included “Lightening Talk: New Library Technology Related Resources and Services”, “Simplify your educational journey using blazing fast speeds with At&T and Samsung”, “Technology Tools for Learning and Sharing Online”, “Useful productivity apps for NMSU”, and “ASNMSU (Digital Signage and GPS Bus Tracking)”. Fourteen tables promoting technology were set up and represented by both on and off campus organizations and departments.

Over 200 students and near 100 faculty and staff participated in this year’s Technology Day. This number does not account for those who may have attended and/or participated in the event but did not register. The location of the tables did generate a substantial level of traffic, and Technology Day boosted a big attendance.

The success of Technology Day can be credited to the various forms of marketing that were implemented such as an advertisement in the Roundup, KRUX, digital signage, and a promotional email. Additionally, information was chalked on campus sidewalks as well as written on the boards of the General Education classrooms.

Furthermore, the overall success of Technology day can be attributed to generous donations from numerous organizations and venders. Donations included, a Jambox from AT&T, NMSU polos from Chozen1 Sportswear, a gift basket from NMDA, NMSU mugs and sweatshirts from the NMSU Bookstore, 4 HP Inkjet printers and iTunes cards from ICT, a NMSU Football sweatshirt from the Athletics Department, a gift card from OCIP, a goody basket from ASNMSU, 6 printing cards from the NMSU Library, and various coupons courtesy of Einstein’s, Taco Bell, Gila Grill, and Chic Fil A.

Grand Prize
In addition to the assortment of donations, there was a drawing for the “Grand Prize” which was held at 2:30. Students were eligible to receive a Power Backpack as well as Dr. Dre Beats Headphones. Faculty and staff had the chance to win an Iris Scribe Pen.

Notable Tables
As for tables, AT&T partnered with Samsung and brought screens to promote the use of technology information with the student program, which gives students a 8% discount on their cellphone bill. 2% of that then comes back to NMSU for scholarships.

Conclusively, the 7th annual Technology Day proved to generate a respectable crowd and allowed students, faculty, and staff to gain a better insight as to what existing and developing technology is out there. Thank you to all that came out to participate, and we look forward to next year!