Fourteen Faculty Members Showcase Their Courses at ITAL

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Fourteen Faculty Members Showcase Their Courses at ITAL

*Written by Sharon Lalla, ICT Training Services Instructional Technology Manager

The 2006 ITAL ParticipantsThe 2006 ITAL Participants

After spending two weeks in training, 14 faculty members showcased various components of their Fall courses to their colleagues.  The Institute for Technology Assisted Learning (ITAL) is a program offered each summer to faculty who wish to develop online courses and learn more about the technology available at NMSU. This year was the first year NMSU-A and NMSU Dona Ana Branch faculty joined the list of participants. “We are encouraging the ONE university vision, so this year we opened up solicitation to faculty from the entire NMSU community, ” advised Sharon Lalla of ICT Training Services. “Future solicitations should continue to include them,” she said.

Throughout the two-week program, participants worked on individual projects. On the final ITAL day, they showcased aspects of their courses using various technologies such as WebCT, E-portfolio, and digital video.

“Every time we design a course, we are showing others how we are thinking

and learning,” summarized Luis Huerta from the College of Education.

Dana Greene from the college of Arts and Sciences showcased her plan to incorporate a discussions board into her course. She summarized her experience through personal insight, “I see a tremendous opportunity for mixed audiences and students in geographically disparate locations.”

Liz Ellis from the college of Business showcased her digital portfolio project to enhance her face-to-face courses. She stated, “I’m not a tech person but I’m really stunned at how much I learned at ITAL.”

Chang Lee from the college of Agricultural indicated that NMSU is the only school that has a 4-year hospitality program. Thus, he was elated about learning more about how the WebCT tools could be used for distance learning.

Michael Lang from the Dona Ana Branch passionately summarized, “The sky is the limit” as he verbalized how he might migrate a classroom automotive class into a hybrid classroom, utilizing the virtual chat room for “Garage Talk.”

The following people successfully completed this year’s ITAL program:

– Brenda Benefit, Arts and Sciences College

– William Corbett, Arts and Sciences College

– Lizbeth Ellis, Business College

– Kathlyn Eydenberg, Health and Social Services College

– Dana Greene, Arts and Sciences College

– Luis Huerta-Charles, Education College

– Teresa Keller, Health and Social Services College

– Michael Lang, Dona Ana Community College

– Chang Lee, College of Agriculture and Home Economics College

– Larry Mays, Arts and Sciences College

– Greg Mosier, NMSU-Alamogordo College

– Ratna Pankayatselvan, Dona Ana Community College

– Julie Rice, Arts and Sciences College

– Jackie Wood, Education College

ICT Telecomm and Networking Services recorded the presentations. They will be available as archived webcasts at

ITAL partners include ICT Training Services, College of Extended

Learning, Library Services, Media Services and the Teaching Academy.

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